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Road Trip Tips


Are you and your family planning on making a trip this year? Are you planning on driving to your fun destination? Whether you're heading to a cottage in the mountains or a fun beach spot to have fun in the sun, Gerald Jones has simple tips to help make your drive a smooth one, so you can arrive at your destination safely and without incident. 




  • Technician - Consider having your car checked by a technician before a long trip.

  • Battery - Hot weather can shorten the life of a battery. You can have it tested by a qualified technician.

  • Belts & Hoses - Look for worn, cracked, blistered or soft belts and hoses. Always perform this check with the engine off.

  • Oil - Check the level and condition of the engine oil. The owner's manual will have specific recommendations.

  • Coolant - Check the coolant level and condition, making certain the proper 50/50 mixture of water and coolant is present.

  • Tires - Check tires monthly for tread wear. Make sure all tires (including the spare, are properly inflated.


  • Emergency Kit - Carry an emergency kit with a flashlight, batteries, warning devices (such as flares or reflective triangles), jumper cables, a first-aid kit and extra water.

  • Accommodations - Reserve all accommodations in advance, but be flexible if you need to stop an extra night due to traffic, fatigue, or change in plans. 

  • Route Planning - Have a printed copy of your route to go with your GPS to keep you on track in case of an issue. Make stops every 100 miles or 2 hours to avoid drowsy or fatigued driving.

  • Entertainment - Bring books, games, or music for the ride.

  • Fuel - Don't let the gas level get below one-quarter of a tank.

  • Security - Lock your car when you leave it, and keep your valuables out of sight.

Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay

After hours of driving, spinning on rides or baking in the sun, you may not be at the peak of alertness when it’s time to find a place to stay. That’s one reason to book motel or hotel reservations in advance.

  • When you arrive, watch for people hanging around the lobby, maybe listening as you check in. 

  • Don’t let a stranger carry your luggage. And every time you go to your room, be sure you’re not being followed.

  • If someone overhears your room number, you can ask to have it changed.

Tips to use While Sightseeing

If you’re at an attraction, amusement park or sightseeing spot, tell your kids where they should go if they get lost. Keep the whole family together as much as possible.

    • Hold hands with family members when walking through crowds. Consider using a safety “leash” for toddlers to make sure they don’t stray too far.

    • Give walkie-talkies or cell phones to your kids, and make sure they know how to use them. 

    • Repeat the warning not to talk to strangers, other than police or authorities.

    • Count family members after every ride.

    • When little kids need a bathroom break, go with them.

Pretend you're home but in a Better Location!

You’re on vacation, so leave the alarm clock, workplace worries, and daily commute behind. This is the time to sleep late, relax and spend time with your family.

  • Have a sense of awareness and a look of confidence
  • Trust in your instincts. 
  • When you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, be alert, not afraid. 
  • Be cautious, not anxious. 
  • If you drink alcohol, don’t drink too much. 
  • Don’t go anywhere with strangers.
  • Lock your doors and try not to take unnecessary chances.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen

Now, Have fun and enjoy your safe and relaxing trip. Your team at Gerald Jones Auto Group will have your car ready for the trip and you ready for fun in the sun. Don't forget to take a lot of photographs. We look forward to seeing you when you get back.


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